Pre-marital Counselling and Couples Enrichment

There are many reasons why you might need to have couples counselling, some of the reasons include: Relationship Problems, a breakdown in communication, you have just had a baby, bereavement in the family or any other life transition. You are engaged and planning your wedding.

Enamour uses two approaches for Couples’ Relationship Therapy; these incorporate The Prepare/Enrich Growing Together Programme and Gottman Marital Therapy Programme. Both of these programmes have undergone extensive scientific research to prove their efficacy.


Prepare/Enrich Growing Together Programme

Your candid responses to a questionnaire provide a very effective way of gathering highly relevant data about your unique relationship. The responses are confidential, and it’s your answers that form the basis of the process.


The Growing Together Programme from PREPARE/ENRICH and is used for pre-marital counselling, marriage preparation, marriage counselling and marriage enrichment. The programme incorporates the use of assessment inventories to explore several key areas of concern with couples. The goals of this programme include:

Exploring Relationship Strengths and Growth Areas

Strengthening Communication Skills

Identifying and managing stressors

Resolving Conflicts – using the 10 step model

Family-of-Origin Issues

Intimacy & Sexuality

Developing a Workable Budget and Financial Plan

Exploring and understanding personality differences

Explore personal and family, personal and couple’s goals

Prepare/Enrich is a facilitative programme that enables you to evaluate and rebuild your relationship. Couples who use this programme to resolve problems have found it an invaluable approach in helping them to develop happier and more successful relationships.

In feedback sessions which follow, Your Facilitator will:

  •  Help you to practise important communication and conflict resolution skills.
  • Support you to gain a fuller understanding of the strengths within your relationship on which you can build and also any areas where growth is still needed.
  • Guide you through a number of exercises to help you focus on different aspects of your relationship.

These feedback sessions can be facilitated in either individual couples or in group programmes

To get started contact us to discuss your needs and to request a login code.  The login code will be needed so that you can access the questionnaire, The questionnaire results will be important for the way forward concerning your therapeutic needs.

A recent independent study found couples who participated in a REPARE/ENRICH group program exhibited positive gains in knowledge, felt more confident in their relationship, engaged in more positive conflict management behaviours, and felt more satisfied with their relationship. Plus, the benefits for those completing the group process were just as powerful as those who completed the feedback privately with a facilitator (Futris and colleagues, 2011)


Over 3 Million Couples!

Over the last 30 years, the PREPARE/ENRICH relationship assessment has empowered and energized more than 3 million couples. We’re the #1 relationship inventory and couples assessment tool.

There are several goals of the PREPARE/ENRICH Program. In order to achieve these goals there are exercises designed to help couples improve their relationship skills. The program helps couples:

How much does it cost?

£25 covers the costs of analysis and scoring, providing a structure for feedback sessions.

Payment for Customized Version

  • Note that payments made online through the Customized Version site will be collected in dollars in the US, and may therefore incur currency conversion costs in addition to the published fees. You/the couple may need to authorise the transaction in advance with the card provider.
  • Alternatively you can arrange payment with your Facilitator prior to taking the assessment.  Contact your facilitator for further instructions.

Gottmans Marital Therapy


Gottman Marital Therapy Programme is based highly on scientific research for marriage success and failure. This programme utilises assessment procedures prior to interventions that are tailored to the specific needs of the individual couples’ perspective challenges. This approach to Marriage counselling takes into consideration the need for enhance awareness of positive affect and the ability to reduce negative affect during conflict resolution.


The objective of this approach is to create lasting change and reduces relapse prevention through the use of positive affect in both contexts of conflict and non-conflict circumstances.

It is a restorative programme that support couples in re-developing their relationship in terms of friendship, dreams, emotional atonement, and regulating conflict.